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A Healthy Shopping List for parents

By Charlotte Stirling-Reed:

For some very strange reason, food shopping in 2016 seems to have become quite a challenge. Especially for parents, who are trying to do the best thing for their children, but are often left worrying about the choices they make. This is one of the reasons why I’ve decided to team up with Shoptimix – a new, smart shopping list app, which helps you to build your shopping list around your particular goals, needs or lifestyle.

Working with Shoptimix, I wanted to offer a service for parents, to help them create their own ‘healthy shopping list for parents’ based on honestly healthier options for their children. Many brands claim to have ‘healthy’ products or state on kids food labels that their foods are: ‘wholegrain’; ‘organic’ or ‘gluten-free’. Parents often misinterpret these labels to mean ‘healthy’, which, more often than not, is just not the case.

Trying to feed your children healthier? Check Kids’ Healthy Eating Shopping List and discover nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed's recommendations

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