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Buddhist monks traditional ceremony

How to increase your energy with this powerful ancient secret

Buddhist monks traditional ceremony

Wouldn´t it be wonderful if the purpose of this article was to introduce you to a magical new superfood that, when taken daily, results in unlimited energy and vitality, all day, every day?

Unfortunately, society has programmed us too long for one magical solution.

Now don´t get us wrong, we are all for superfoods. But one product, even if it is, in fact, taken religiously every day, is just not going to cut it for us full-time, active working folk.

So what better way to understand energy, food and how it affects our bodies than by going right back to basics? Like, 3,000-years-ago basic?

Enter prana ("vital energy").

It is believed by Ayurvedic medicine that prana manifests in everything. Internally, in our breath and bodies, but also externally by practicing yoga and meditation, and in the food we eat. It is essential for arousing the "hidden energy" in a person.

Prana is an aspect of Ayurveda, the healing science that began 1,500-3,000 years ago when Indian monks were looking for new ways to be healthy. Ayurveda is fully recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a medical science analogous to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The concept of prana will have you looking at food in a totally different way. Unlike modern day medicine, pranic healing is about looking at the health of the body as a whole entity and getting to the root cause of our ailments, rather than masking or curing only the symptoms.

Tibetan monks

Ayurveda recognizes our unique individual differences. Therefore there is not just one dietary approach that would be ideal for everyone. Ayurvedic healers believe that there are three doshas which can be found in the characteristics of every person:

Vata: Tall, with a tendency to have cold hands and feet. They generally have dry skin; dry hair and don´t perspire much. They are lively with changeable moods, disjointed thoughts and have a tendency to act on impulse.

Pitta: Medium physique, strong, well-built and with very strong digestion. They have good concentration powers, are focused and assertive, but are also aggressive, demanding and pushy when out of balance. They are passionate and have a strong appetite. They generally have good management and leadership abilities.

Kapha: Strong with a sturdy, heavier build. They have the most energy of all constitutions, but it is steady and enduring. They tend to be slightly overweight and may suffer from sluggish digestion. They are slower to learn, but have outstanding long-term memory. They strive to maintain harmony and peace in their surroundings.

You can find out what dosha type you are here: Tridosha Self-test

It is believed that our constitution plays a role in whether we should consume our food raw or cooked. Whilst Pitta and Kapha types do better eating predominantly raw food, Vata's would be better off including more nourishing warm foods in their diet.

No matter what constitution type you identify with, the most fundamental rule is to eat foods high in prana.

This means eating as many fresh, organic fruits and vegetables as possible, as often as possible, particularly in their natural raw state, which is when foods are considered to be most prana-rich.

I´m sure you´ve heard to eat your 5-a-day before. Yet why does hardly anyone actually do it? How many times have you heard someone say, "Fruit has too much sugar!" Yet the fact still remains, that fruits are among the healthiest foods in the world.

Fruit is the ying to the veggie yang. You´ll need both to fulfil your full vibrancy and energy possibilities. Moreover, research from the Division of Nephrology, in the department of medicine at the Ignacio Chavez National Institute of Cardiology suggests that higher fruit diets result in greater weight-loss than low fruit diets.

The answer is simple. You want more energy. You feel like you lack it. But when you think back over the last week, how many times did you sit down and eat a large bowl of fruit? Or a delicious green smoothie filled to the brim with vegetable goodness? Probably not as often as you´d like to think and certainly not enough to unlock your energy potential. Increase your intake of both and watch your energy levels sky rocket.

Blend them. Spiralise them. Roast them. Eat them in a wholemeal sandwich. Make delicious sauces out of them. Forget 5-a-day. If you really want to watch your energy levels soar, let´s ditch the counting. (In Japan, they recommend 17-a-day!)

Local is also important, as it is believed that as soon as a food is picked, it starts to lose its prana. Please note that the more processed a food is, the less prana it contains.

Hummus, cheese and veg on toast

So, what other foods are considered to be high in prana?

  • Whole grains (preferably sprouted), including quinoa, barley, rice, oats and amaranth
  • Organic milk or hemp/almond milk
  • Fresh cheese
  • Nuts including almonds, hazelnuts and brazil nuts
  • Beans and tofu
  • Lentils
  • Lots and lots of spices, which are thought to be super-energizing
  • Fresh herbs
  • Olive and Coconut oil
  • Avocados
  • Sweet potatoes and Carrots
Market fruit and veg

We all want to be that person who rises early, fits in a good morning workout and gets to the office before anyone else. The point of eating prana-rich foods is that this becomes totally possible. Forget calories, forget expensive energy shakes and forget obsessing about everything you eat. Real, whole ingredients are the key to unlocking the energy levels you desire.

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