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Meet Shoptimix: the shopping list app that features grocery recommendations from nutritional and lifestyle experts

New app includes tailored grocery lists for people based on their nutritional goals, health and lifestyle

Quick pitch

Shoptimix is a personal nutritionist in your pocket. Based on recommendations from nutritional and lifestyle experts, the Shoptimix app ensures your shopping list is tailored to your health and wellness goals. It's also a simple and convenient way of creating a shopping list for items from the UK’s biggest supermarket chains that can be shared with friends and family to coordinate shopping.

Key points

  • Shoptimix’s experts provide tailored grocery recommendations to help people whatever their nutritional goal, health condition or lifestyle.
  • Caters for lots of different health and dietary needs: weight loss, vegan diets, kid’s healthy eating - even improved fertility!
  • Quick and easy way to create shopping lists with several participants to better manage the weekly shop
  • 1000s of products from the UK’s biggest supermarkets
  • Free

London, May 2016 – Launching officially in the UK today is Shoptimix, a new shopping list app that acts as your personal nutritionist. Available to download free for iOS and Android, Shoptimix’s nutritional and wellness experts provide recommendations for groceries that help people to lose weight, follow a specific diet such as gluten-free, boost their mood and lots more. Shoptimix is on hand to educate people about the products they should fill their baskets with at the UK’s biggest supermarket chains.

Beautifully designed and intuitive, Shoptimix enables users to create shopping lists easily. With a powerful built-in search engine, users have 1000s of products at their fingertips. They are able to add their usual items and then search through the different tailored lists created by experts. Products can then be added dependent on dietary needs or wellness goals.

There’s more too. Lists can be shared with friends and family either in-app or via email. It’s the perfect way to ensure you and the people closest to you are all leading a healthier lifestyle while coordinating shopping plans.

Key features of Shoptimix include:

  • BEAUTIFULLY SIMPLE – creating lists couldn't be easier. Shoptimix has been designed with simplicity at its core
  • SEARCH – search for any of your favourite products from the UK’s biggest supermarket chains including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda & Waitrose
  • DISCOVER – broad catalogue of 1000s of products that you didn't even know about
  • EXPERTS – on a gluten-free diet? Trying to lose weight? Shoptimix’s experts recommend the products you should be adding to your basket
  • SHARE – share your shopping lists in-app or via email with friends and family
  • FREE – yes, totally free

“People are busier than ever, so we created Shoptimix to provide a tool that makes shopping at the supermarket easier and less stressful” said Sergio Lazaro, CEO and Co-Founder of Shoptimix. “It’s more than just a shopping list app. Shoptimix is a platform where nutritionists and experts can publish specific recommendations that users can add to a shopping list along with their usual items. Unlike most of the nutritional apps out there, Shoptimix is not focused on one sole nutritional goal or diet: our objective is to have recommendations for everyone. Some of our featured lists include: Vegan Essentials, Gluten Free, Clean Eating, Kids’ Healthy Eating, Mood Boosting and Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables”.

Shoptimix is available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play.

For more information about Shoptimix, please visit

About Shoptimix

Shoptimix, Inc. is a New York start-up developing innovative technology to change the grocery shopping experience. Shoptimix’s product aims to be the go-to app for grocery product information and nutritional advice. Founded by entrepreneurs Sergio Lazaro and Sergio del Amo, the company was seed-funded by a private group of investors in 2014